No saving grace in the face of alienation

No saving grace in the face of alienation

Set in the near future, August 2011 to be specific, aliens have taken over the planet and Los Angeles is also under attack. Is there anyone who can save US?

The answer is both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’, as it is a band of disorderly US Marines led by veteran Staff Sergeant Michael (Eckhart) who are given the task to save the ruined city and ultimately the human race.

World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles is a classic example of how not to make an alien movie.
Director Jonathan Liebesman must have thought that metals and flying objects are more important than his characters.

Most of the time you have dust and concrete thrown at your face.

Loud thumping, shaky camera, big explosions and colourful men in uniform do the speaking as actors have little things to say.

In short, there is hardly any room for breathing and neither the time to appreciate why we love being human beings.

The technical inputs weigh down World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles and its moral-less plot leaves little to cheer about.