Seer threatens stir

Seer threatens stir

He was speaking at the meeting convened by him at Macchilagodu and attended by environmentalists and UPCL officials in the presence of journalists.

“Apart from the single meal, I will not take anything else, including milk and water. If the people in surrounding villages of UPCL complain that there are still health problems due to the ground ash and fly ash emitted by the plant, as against the claims being made by the company, UPCL should immediately stop functioning,” he said.

The seer said he was not convinced totally with the answers given by the company representatives to the concerns raised by environmentalists.

Technical chief of UPCL, Ravindra, admitted that there was leakage of effluents due to the breaking of pipes. However, the problem had been rectified.

He said even at the ash pond, care had been taken by laying proper layers so that the slurry ash was not directly dumped at the bottom of the pond. The slurry was being transported in closed containers, he said.

The company was now supplying the power produced to the State government, Ravindra said.