Man dumped by girlfriend, goes on to win jackpot

Man dumped by girlfriend, goes on to win jackpot

Kerry, 31, dumped trucker Matthew Breach, 37, for being dull. They had known each other since schooldays and had been a couple for 14 years. She left him as she wanted "lots of sex", The Sun reported Wednesday.

Kerry now lives with a failed web cafe owner and their baby.

Matthew admits his hobby is sleeping and is thinking about how to spend his millions.

He has joined a dating agency as he hopes to replace Kerry.

He is no rush to find love. "If it happens, it happens. I'm quite happy as I am."

"Kerry's got to be the unluckiest woman in the country. She was with Matthew through all the hard times and that inevitably caused strains - but after she walked out on him he struck it rich," a friend of Breach was quoted as saying.

Kerry had sent a text message to Matthew to congratulate him after his win.

"We still get on. We still talk. We just grew apart. She's possibly kicking herself but I don't know," said Matthew who intends to help others with his winnings.

Matthew bought his ticket on a whim after stopping to buy a pint of milk.

He celebrated the big win by having a snooze.

"I told my mum the news but then I had a short nap to clear my head," he said.