Karnataka score easy victory

Karnataka score easy victory

The multiple world champion outclassed Habib 123-1, 71-12 in the final snooker best-of-three frames contest as Karnataka wrapped up the two-day festival that came to a conclusion at the KSBA hall with a 13-6 victory.

Advani posted a break of 115 in the opening frame, setting the course for an easy win.
In the single frame contest, young MS Arun defeated Tamil Nadu’s Harpreeth 80-28.

The victorious Karnataka team were awarded Rs 20,000 while the visiting Tamil Nadu took home Rs 10,000.

Results (Karnataka unless mentioned, all snooker): Men: Pankaj Advani bt Rafath Habib (TN) 123-1, 71-12.

Single frame: MS Arun bt Harpreeth (TN) 80-28.

Doubles: Nigel/ Rafath Habib (TN) bt IH Manudev/ Jasim Tawin 64-53, 14-82, 60-32.
Single frame: B Bhaskar/ Raj Kumar bt Loganathan/ Vijay Nichani (TN) 171-33.
6-red, best of five: Varun (TN) bt IH Manudev 16-40, 50-5, 40-45, 41-0, 47-15.
Women: Chitra Magimairaj bt Vidya Pillai (TN) 65-32.

Mixed doubles: Siddarth Rao/ Vidya Pillai (TN) bt Ajay Bhushan/ Chitra Magimairaj 78-42, 66-4. Junior: Amit Bhushan bt Peter (TN) 68-40, 40-70, 65-32.