Officials sought maximum med facilities at CWG village clinics

Officials sought maximum med facilities at CWG village clinics

A total of 3,099 people underwent medical care at the polyclinics of the village. This included 995 athletes, 414 guest and spouse of games officials and 1,730 others, public information officer, G B Pant Hospital Dr N R Laskar said replying to an RTI query.

Ajay Marathe, a resident of Mumbai had filed an RTI application asking for details of the medical treatment delivered to patients at CWG polyclinics.

"If only 32 per cent of the patients treated were athletes, it clearly indicates that others took advantage of the medical facility organised by the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee for all visiting athletes during the Commonwealth Games held last year," he said.
Quoting the reply sent by the PIO, Marathe said, "People underwent treatment for different diseases. Five people underwent treatment for respiratory diseases, 321 for dental treatment, 348 for fever, 635 underwent physiotherapy, one each were treated for dengue and chicken pox, four for gastroenteritis, eight for diarrhea and 305 underwent massages.
The details of the remaining 1,474 people who underwent treatment there was not disclosed."

Patients were admitted at the hospital where they underwent treatment for ailments like cervical spondylitis, bronchial asthma, diabetes mellitus, seizures, Rheumatoid Arthritis, seizures. One was a follow up case of heart valvular transplant.

According to the RTI reply, the Government has spent a whopping Rs 15 crores towards treatment of these 3,099 patients during the Commonwealth Games.

"The per head expenditure is over 48,000 per person. If none were a critical case then what treatment did these patients undergo that it mounted to such a huge expense," Marathe said.