I don't want my son to become a bowler: Kumble

I don't want my son to become a bowler: Kumble

"Before he takes up to cricketing, I'll ask him to take up batting. To surpass 619 wickets (in Tests) would be a tough ask to follow. It would be rather easy for him to do better the average of 18 which I have had," Kumble said during a panel discussion on leadership here last night.

"When Rahul Dravid became a father, he mailed me saying that caught-Dravid-bowled-Kumble (mode of dismissal) will continue. My son is bigger than him. I replied him, no it would be caught-Kumble-bowl-Dravid," he added.

Kumble, who led India in 14 Tests between September 2007 to November 2008, said he retired as his body was no longer allowing him to continue.

"At that point I was feeling that not only my body was not supporting me but the team was groomed and my job as a captain was over. I was leading the team through a transition period. I did that for one year. I think Mahendra Singh Dhoni was ready to take over. He was already the captain of the T20 and ODI side. He was doing an exceptional job and the team was set. So my role as the captain was done," he said.

Praising Dhoni, Kumble said he was the right person to succeed him as skipper as he had all the qualities of a leader.

"Dhoni had all the qualities of being a leader. Most important thing was that he had a (specific) role in the team. He was doing that as a batsman and as a wicket-keeper. He showed leadership qualities leading India to victories in the one-day series in Australia, which it had not won since long, and also in the T20 World Cup," Kumble said

"Couple of Test matches that I had missed when Dhoni was captain, he showed great innovation. The team was ready. I don't think he was young in age when he was made captain but was mature," he said