'Release of carbon emission worrisome'

'Release of carbon emission worrisome'

Technical presentation stresses on promoting renewable energy

Making a technical presentation on ‘Renewable Energy and Environmental Friendly Technologies for Sustainable Development’ at the Institution of Engineers here, he said the release of Carbon Dioxide was more than the population.


In the current situation, 64.7 per cent of electricity is generated through thermal power, 24 per cent from Hydrogen, 2.7 per cent from nuclear energy and 7.7 per cent from unconventional sources.

However, lack of commitment among the people on the use of energy was a thing of worry.
On the one hand natural resources were dwindling and on the other hand the release of Carbon Dioxide was increasing. The situation calls for the promotion of renewable sources of energy.

Bio gas

This was possible only by using bio gas, solar power, wind power and adoption of rain water harvesting.

Sham Sundar noted that around 400 tonnes of solid waste was generated daily in the city.

The same could be converted as energy. Even it was possible to get cooking gas from the waste generated from house, he noted.

President, the Institution of Engineer, A S Satish, Programme Coordinator Dr Rajaram Shastri and Bharadwaj were present.