'Experience teaches you a lot'

'Experience teaches you a lot'

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'Experience teaches you a lot'

Confident : Abhishek Bachchan. dh photo shivakumar bh

Meeting AB’s baby is an experience by itself. One has to bear with his bodyguards at the doorstep, his two cameramen who are constantly recording every move of his and adhere to his request of ‘no photographs without his glares’. As Abhishek Bachchan sits down for a tete-a-tete with Metrolife, he looks at the City with immense joy.

“I have been coming to Bangalore ever since I was a kid. With every visit, I feel the City has grown bigger but one thing is for sure the heart and the spirit of this place will always remain the same,” says Abhishek, who was in the City recently to promote his latest film ‘Game’.
The actor also fondly recollects his association with Bob Christo, who passed away recently, “I remember meeting Bob uncle on the sets of Mard when my father was shooting for it in Mysore. He was such a warm and gentle soul,” he says.

Abhishek seems oblivious to the huge uproar about his wife Aishwarya being the chief guest for the recently concluded ‘Vishwa Kannada Sammelana’.

“Really? There were protests? I was never aware of that. I don’t understand why, since she was formally invited by the government,” he says brushing off the topic.

With his father’s diplomacy in his stride, Abhishek seemed to know exactly how to answer every question that he wanted to avoid.

“Experience teaches you a lot of things,” he says while adding, “I have never done, said or signed on any film that I would regret later. One thing I have learnt is to do whatever I love doing. That includes ‘Game’ as well. I always loved watching ‘who dunnit’ thrillers and wanted to act in one myself. When Abhinay Deo approached me with this script, I immediately took it up.”

With films like Dum Maro Dum, ‘Players’ and Dhoom 3 in the pipeline, Abhishek also took time out for himself and went to Italy to be a part of the Florentine label as part of the ‘Shoes for a Star’ project.

He became the first Indian actor to receive the made-to-order Tramezza shoes from Ferragamo.

“That was an amazing experience. They actually took a mould of my foot and made a customised shoe to put it in their museum. I was ecstatic as I was the first Indian actor to get that honour,” he explains.

Looks like Abhishek is really living life king-size, he gleams, “I always wanted to don different kinds of roles and I am glad that I am getting directors who are offering things that excite me.

There’s nothing more I can ask for,” he signs off.

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