'Roll back bus pass fare'

The fare for the bus pass was fixed at Rs 950 last year, but has now been hiked to Rs 1,170 which the poor students cannot afford. The protesters demanded that the fare be lowered, and students be allowed to use the pass on Sundays too.

Some of their other demands were: the vehicle permits be distributed to students at their respective colleges and that strict action be taken against those staffers who do not allow students to board the buses.

“A huge number of students commute from the rural areas, and they have been worst hit by the fare hike. Now, under the semester system, classes are held on Sundays too. But students are not allowed to use their passes on Sunday, this makes it difficult for us to attend classes on Sundays,” they complained.

The protesters, who had gathered at the Junior College Circle, shouted anti-government slogans.

 Later the leaders told the students to be set to launch an agitation if the problem was not resolved.

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