In the summertime...

In the summertime...


Cool: Many children take to swimming during summer vacation.

This is the time they get to talk and play with friends and just be themselves.

While summer camps are the buzzword during vacations, some kids choose to be a tad bit different by doing something on their own to enjoy the vacations better.

They try their hand at something different and think out-of-the-box to explore their talent.  Metrolife takes a look at the options available for students this summer vacation.

Some people like to keep themselves engaged during summers by diving into pools and refreshing themselves.

“Swimming is one of the best things to do in summer. It not only is a great exercise but also keeps one active all day,” says Amith, a class eight student.  He also likes making attractive and innovative things from waste materials.

Many love unwinding by reading. “Summer vacation is the only time we get to read what we want and I’ve already started collecting novels and other books to read this summer,” says Surya, a eighth standard student.

This summer vacation would be different for Gayathri, a class seven student, as she is planning to go on a long holiday and explore new places.

“My family and I have planned to travel in and around Karnataka as there are so many places to explore here and one can learn many new things. This would also be my first trekking expedition and I’m eagerly looking forward to it,” she says.

Apart from travelling, vacations are the time dedicated to enhancing their personal hobbies.

Skanda, a class six student who is a junior drummer says, “During school days, I hardly get time to practise drums. But now that I have two long months at my disposal, I can concentrate better on the finer aspects of the instrument. I will also try playing other instruments like tabla and mridangam.”

For Shakthidhar, a class eight student, vacations are all about doing something different.  
“I don’t see any point in going to summer camps because we can’t learn anything in a short span of time. So this summer, I plan to learn a foreign language,” he says.

But for students going to class ten, summer vacations will be tedious with many sessions of tuitions and classes.

“This vacation, I will just be surrounded by a pile of books since it will be an important year for me. But I will wisely make use of my time to balance both academics and hobbies,” says Nayvashree, a class nine student.

“Ultimately, vacations are a time to unwind oneself completely and learn as many new things as possible. This is irrespective of whether one goes to camps or not,” sums up Navyashree.