Cattle found dead

Cattle found dead

The carcass of the cattle who could have entered lake premises while grazing are in a decomposed state indicating death that could have occurred few days ago.

Though, the reason for the death of these cattle is not known, it is suspected that they could have either died after being stuck in the silt or due to consuming poisonous water that enters the lake through UGD and chemical wastes.

The mystery surrounding these deaths may not be deciphered as there were no attempts to lift the carcasses from the slush.

Infact, the officials of University of Mysore, which is the custodian of the century-old lake were not even aware about the cattle deaths. The carcass which had started to decompose raised a stink in the lake,  its surrounding on Hunsur road.

Serious lapse

The cattle deaths have exposed serious lapse and laxity on part of the University.

Despite two years since the tourism department and the Lake Development Authority released about ` three crores for rejuvenation and revival of the lake, the University is still mulling on finalising the Detailed Project Report.

When contacted, Assistant Executive Engineer Mahadev Swamy said the University was finalising on the DPR. Changes were done several times ago and new inputs from the Deputy Commissioner, experts in rural and environment friendly technology Ravikumar and others were being taken. “We  almost completed the fine tuning and will submit the DPR to DC’s office soon,” he told this paper.