PM vows to make nuke programme more open

PM vows to make nuke programme more open

“We should bring greater openness and transparency in the decision making processes relating to our nuclear energy programme,” Singh said, adding that public would be informed about decisions and issues related to nuclear energy.

“I would like to see accountability and transparency in the functioning of our nuclear power plants,” he said hinting at the possibility of department of atomic energy opening its doors, which remained more or less shut for the public for the better part of last 50 years.

The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board will be made more effective and transparent. “We will strengthen the AERB and make it a truly autonomous and independent regulatory authority,” the Prime Minister said at a function here to honour Indian scientists.
World-wide concerns

“The tragedy at the Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant in Japan has raised world-wide concerns about the safety of nuclear energy as a source of power,” he said, adding that the safety track record of Indian nuclear power plants over the past 335 reactor–years of operation remained impeccable.

A safety review of Indian nuclear power plants is under way and all future reactors – be it Indian or imported – would have to met the highest safety standards before they are allowed to operate, Singh assured.