Happy days ahead

Happy days ahead

Vacation Plans

Sporty: Basketball is a favourite activity during summer holidays.

After months of preparation, the students are now finally waiting to sit back and plan their vacation. 

With a two month vacation staring at them, the students across the
City have begun making elaborate plans.

From simple things like hanging out with friends, watching movies, travel or pursuing hobbies, students have a long list of things to do this vacation.

Metrolife caught up with those from class 10 and 12 to understand how they plan to spend their vacations. 

Komal S Kooduvalli, a class 12 standard student says, “I play basketball
and will soon begin training for the under 18  tournament. I also plan to volunteer in an NGO working on environmental issues because I plan to do a graduation in
environmental education.”

Vishal Gosala another class 12 student says he’s happy that he will get more time to pursue his hobbies.

“I have to prepare for a couple of entrance tests that get over on May 11. I love cooking and intend to whip up something nice. Reading and football are two things
I indulge in. We might also go for a vacation to Europe after my entrance exams. The highlight of the trip will be our visit to Manchester.”

If the class 12 students have their hands full, the class 10 kids are not far behind.
Srijanee Das, a tenth standard student says, “I will spend a lot of time playing the piano because I have a concert coming up. I will also spend time painting and playing with my little sister. My friends and I organise events in the apartment like ‘Karaoke Night’. Apart
from that we will do regular stuff like night outs and movies.” 

Pradyut Bansal says he will spend his vacation baking.

“I love baking and make a host of deserts like brownies, cheese cakes to a variety of frozen desserts. I take orders for them and all the money I make from it is donated to charity,” he sums up.