Mazy's mental gym

Mazy's mental gym

Hi, I’m Mazy. All my friends are excited about the holidays. “Oh, there’s so much to think about!” trilled my friend Mona. “About holidays! About meeting my cousins in Mysore. About the pranks we play, the games we play.”

“Wait, wait! I must tell you about the new game I invented. All you need to do is stand on your head, and try to spell the numbers backwards, and...”

“Mazy, you’re crazy! What a stupid game! By the way, do you know, a maharaja of Mysore, called Mummudi Krishna Rajendra Wodeyar, used to sit in his royal chamber and invent and play hundreds of board games?”

“Never mind about the king and his games. I never win because I love looking at dice so much that I’m happy doing just that. Tell me, wise Mona, if I rolled a die 11 times, and add all the numbers that show up each time, what is the least score I can get and what is the maximum I can get. And how many different results can I get?”

Ooooh! My head seems to be! If you’re not as dizzy as me, can you come up with the answers, dear readers?

Out of the maze:

The least a die can show each time you roll it is the number 1. So if you roll it 11 times, the least it can show each time, is 1. Adding the 1’s you’ll get 11. So 11 is the least you can score. Similarly, the maximum a die can show each time is 6. So, your maximum score is 66. And since the die can show any number from 1 to 6 each time, your scores can be 11, 12, 13, 14.......64, 65, 66. That’s a total of 56 scores. (66 minus 11, plus one.)