Retaining the rustic flavour

Retaining the rustic flavour

Authentic Dishes

TEMPTING Rava dosa, neer dosa and paddu.

This seven-year-old eatery is hard to miss and  many youngsters swear by their snacks. Professionals say they can’t get enough of their tasty chutneys. Small and clean, the eatery is like a small Darshini, where people either stand and eat or get served in their cars. The seating facilities at the eatery have come in recently . “We had a lot of demand for a seating facility and with the increase in demand, we thought of expanding the place a little to accommodate more people. So as to be true to the ethnic dishes that we serve, we gave the place a very rustic look,” says Sirdhar Shetty, the owner.

Very economically priced, the menu boasts of everything from chaat, dosas, baby corn manchurian to parathas. Confused as to what to order? Then you can easily look at the special items of the day which are wrapped in cellophane paper and displayed at the counter.

“We display the specials so that customers can see what the dish looks like. If we get orders, then we make a fresh batch for them,” adds Sirdhar.

The place is known for its variety of dosas. Apart from the normal plain, kali or masala dosa, each day one can see a special dosa, that is made only on that day. Some of the popular ones are the special vegetable dosa, rava dosa, pav dosa (made with bread crumbs) and the unanimous recommendation of the place is the neer dosa.

“Neer dosas here are very light and tasty. And they serve it with grated coconut and jaggery combination that not all eateries have,” says Rajesh, a regular. Another must try at this place is the paddus. These are small dumplings that are shallow fried and served with a red sweetish chutney and coconut chutney.

While these items are available either during breakfast or evening snacks, ‘Adithya’ offers only meals for lunch. Options are narrowed down to either South Indian or North Indian meals.

“The place is ideal for those who want to stop by for a quick delicious bite. And what adds to the experience is the old world charm that the ambience brings along with it,” says Sharaddha, a customer.