Indian envoy "provocative" over Libya

Indian envoy "provocative" over Libya

Puri said that the relatively peaceful uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia showed a universal validity of the Gandhian principle of ahimsa.

"And let me stick my neck out here and be provocative," he said at a discussion about the root causes, impact and responses to terrorism organised by the UN, which was attended by a mixed public audience.

"Even in the Middle East, is it not clear, in countries where the protests have been peaceful there is a better prospect of seeking transformation than in other countries where some misguided have to take up arms and are being encouraged by the international community," he added.

In March, the Security Council called for an immediate ceasefire, establishing a no-fly zone and authorised "all necessary measures" for protecting civilians in Libya.

India, China, Russia, Brazil and Germany abstained from voting on the resolution. At least 40 civilians have also been killed by NATO planes, which are leading the UN military intervention.

Yesterday, rebels said that NATO planes had killed five of their people. The rebel leadership has also blasted NATO forces for not doing enough to weaken Gaddafi.

Army General Carter Ham, head of the US Africa Command, told the Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday that a stalemate was emerging and Gaddafi would not be defeated under the current state of military operations.

"I do not think it ends militarily," he said. After the vote, Puri had said that India wasn't happy with the hurried fashion the resolution had been put to vote and several key questions had not be answered by Britain and France – the countries that drafted the resolution.

"Now there is inconvertible evidence that civilians are dying both due to the efforts of Gaddafi and the forces opposing him," Puri told PTI, earlier this week.

"All we need to do now is get a ceasefire and a politically negotiated solution."

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