Here, egg comes first!

Here, egg comes first!

appetite Students throng ‘Cuckoos’ near NIE College to satiate their hunger pangs. Dh PHOTOS BY PRASHANTH H G

W ith time running short, hunger pangs getting stronger, one mostly prefers-either a slice of bread or egg, for a quick bite. What if both are mixed for a rather unique dish/ es, akin to hors d’oeuvre?

That’s what the ‘Cuckoos’ is offering on it’s menu- a mix of bread and egg, successfully catering to its customers for the past 20 years. A petty shop with even little space left for even a stretch, this makes for a kitchen on Dr B R Ambedkar Road in Ashokapuram.
Prakash, the proud ‘chef’ of a behemoth eatery for him, has variety of dishes to offer- egg sandwich, bread omelette, french toast, egg burjee (scrambled eggs), egg chilli, egg cheese, egg bonda and bread bajji.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say-foodies can explore the unknown ‘ande ka funda’
Dip the sandwich in pudina chutney, and munch on shredded onion, the spicy taste will wake up all your sensory organs, at once. And the craving for more will take over.  

With NIE College and boys hostel located a stone’s throw away, it has youth among a chunk of its fans. Not to ignore the locals, for whom, it has been their favourite joint, it has become the next stop after home.

A native of neighbouring Kerala state, Prakash took over the mantle of the shop, from his brother Murali 11 years ago. It was actually Murali who got cracking on the egg and bread idea, offering only two or three dishes, that later saw an addition after Prakash donned the apron.

You can feel the aroma at the crack of the dawn, as the shop opens at 5 am. No sooner, the hostel inmates tired of burning the midnight oil, turn towards Prakash for their breakfast.

The scene continues to remain the same up to 11 am, when the shop closes for the break. It resumes at 3 pm and the scene repeats till it closes the day’s business at 8 pm.
The lip-smacking taste of ‘egg and bread’ has such a lasting effect on the alumni that, they make it a point to visit the shop atleast once a day, whenever they get free time, claims Prakash.

Barring egg cheese priced at ` 20, the other dishes come at a mere ` 12 per plate, making it easy on one’s pocket; especially that of students. No wonder Prakash is the most sought after man here!