Baba health cause for concern

Baba health cause for concern

Although the official note from the Sri Sathya Sai Baba Institute of Higher Medical Sciences said: “His (Baba) biochemical and hematological indices are near normal.” Baylor College of Medicine, Hutson, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicines Professor in-chief Dr Kalpalatha K Guntupalli and Cardiac specialist from University of Colorado, Health Sciences Centre, Dr Sridhar have joined the panel.

Having entered the 20th day of treatment the doctors said the Baba is gradually but slowly recovering. “He continues to have stable parameters of health but the overall condition of his health continues to be ‘critical’,” the statement noted.

The godman is still aided by ventilators to help the lungs and dialysis through CRRT for his kidneys. The note however, did not specify the reasons for the two experts from the US to join the panel of doctors treating the guru.

It is noteworthy that the Trust, after consultation with the doctors treating Baba had, late in the night on Friday, communicated that the guru could be shifted to his residence where necessary arrangements are apparently being made to accommodate Baba.
Meanwhile, devotees continued to pray for the godman’s recovery.

“Only the prayers of my sincere devotees can cure me,” Sathya Sai Baba is said to have remarked on several occasions.

And his devotees have taken this too serioiusly. Puttaparthi village has turned into a prayer hub with scores of devotees pouring in to pray for Baba's total recovery.

On Friday night, tens of people from Bukkapattanam village gathered here to offer prayers at the Sathyamma Temple, seeking good health of their deity.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Ananthraju, one of the devotees said: "We are here to see our lord. We know our prayers won't fail us." The light showers in the evening and the announcement made by the trust in the night stating that there were chances of Baba being shifted to his home in about a fortnight had elated the devotees here.