Grooving to a different beat

Grooving to a different beat


Skilled: The members of the senior batch presenting an item. Dh photos by Sanya Sood

Ballet is not as popular as the other dance forms but it has caught the fancy of the young in the City. This was evident at a ballet performance, ‘The Dance of the Summer Blossoms’ held at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall in the City recently.

Presented by ‘The Shona Dee Academy of Dance’, the performances were a mix of classical ballet, jazz, Broadway and hip-hop by both the junior and senior students of the academy. The hall was packed with friends and family of the performers and was high on energy.  There was never a dull moment throughout the evening. The show that was choreographed by Shona D’Sa, had two different storylines.

The show started with the junior ballet batch performing, ‘The magic garden’. As soon as the light shone on stage, one could see little girls, dressed in pretty red ballerina outfits, resembling  flowers, posing perfectly.

It was a splendid sight to watch and soon the other dancers joined them on stage, dancing with full verve and enthusiasm. The senior ballet recital was not as cute as the little kids dancing but it was certainly more professional and organised.  Titled, ‘Blue Skies and Summer Dreams’, it had the dancers dressed in blue, depicting the summer sky.

The solo performances garnered a lot of applause. After all, it’s not everyday that one sees people dancing on their toes. The reaction of the audience could not be ignored and there were screams and hoots at regular intervals.

The second part of the show was a mix of other dance forms. The first on stage was the junior batch performing the ‘Cheerleaders Dance’. Armed with pom-poms and dressed in shimmery pink outfits, they looked extremely adorable.

Next was the senior batch which showed some of their hip-hop moves on popular numbers like songs, ‘That club can’t handle me’ from ‘Step-up-3’, ‘You belong with me’ by Taylor Swift and ‘Dynamite’.

During the rest of the evening, the crowd was enthralled by the jazz and Broadway performances by the junior and senior batches, bringing the event to an end.
The event was indeed special, not only for the performers but for everyone present.