Transfer of bus stand land opposed

Transfer of bus stand land opposed

Resolution passed at the special meeting of CMC in Hassan

Meeting: The members of City Municipal Council participates at the special meeting held in Hassan on Monday. dh photoWhen the issue was raised at the special meeting here, Prasannakumar of BJP said the CMC president and local legislator had held an agitation opposing shifting of the bus stand. Now they have favoured using that land for parking.

The duo have created confusion among people by issuing contradictory statement daily. They should come out documents to prove that the government wanted to give that land for private people.

Responding to this, MLA H S Prakash claimed that he got documents and it would be discussed in a separate forum.

He asked the councillors to understand their responsibility and adopt a resolution urging the government not to give that land to private people.

Earlier, the issue of acquiring one acre of land at Chikkakondagula (Bagaderakoppal) created furore. The members made allegations against each other and it also took a caste angle. All these were recorded in the book. In fact, the purpose of convening the special meeting was to discuss regarding the controversial land issue.

K T Prakash of BJP raised objection for bringing this issue before the meeting. He opined that the land belonged to private people and the court had already given its verdict.

Discussing the issue in the meeting amounts to contempt of court. Confusion was being created unnecessarily about a land which does not figure in the CMC map.

The MLA and his brothers have brought this issue only with the intention of harassing the land owner. Such an issue should be dropped from the agenda, he added.

Taking strong objection to the member’s statement, the MLA said such things would happen if members who do not know A, B, C and D get elected. This paved way for heated debate among the members.

There was a wordy duel between the CMC president, C R Shankar and K T Prakash over the issue whether to discuss the matter or not.

The MLA, H S Prakash intervened and said the CMC can write a letter to the deputy commissioner to acquire and hand over that land if it belongs to civic body.

Let the DC takes decision as per law.

The meeting accepted for this suggestion and adopted a resolution to this effect.