Transport dept to issue smart cards to 76 lakh drivers in State

Transport dept to issue smart cards to 76 lakh drivers in State

The scheme will be enforced once the model code of conduct ends

Commissioner of Transport Bhaskar Rao informed this to reporters during his visit to the newly constructed RTO office on the outskirts of the city on Friday.

The scheme will be enforced in consultation with the Transport Minister once the term of model code of conduct ends. All drivers need to get their DLs and RCs converted into smart cards within the two years of the implementation of the scheme, Rao said.

The Transport Department is bringing about a first-of-its-kind programme, and has plans to achieve more through e-governance. All personnel are being provided with necessary training in this regard, he said.

Strict rules

It has been intended to bring certain amendments to the rules of giving driving licenses in the backdrop of increasing road accidents.

Easier access to DLs is one of the reasons for increasing accidents. DLs will be given only after examining the driver’s control on the vehicle, driving capacity, road consciousness and related factors, Rao explained.

“It is not good that 76 per cent of vehicles in the State are two-wheelers. The number of two-wheelers can be reduced only through reforming the public transport system,” he said adding that the process of installing GPS is also on progress that is intended to keep an eye on the traffic. GPS is being applied to 150 vehicles of the Transport Department in the first step. Since the government has given more responsibility to the Transport Department to maintain road safety, awareness programmes are being organised in schools and colleges as well as driving schools.

Recession effect

The revenue of the department has come down since vehicle registration has declined even in Bangalore city. This has a direct link with the global meltdown.

However, the department has collected Rs 25 crore to Rs 30 crore from vehicle checking, the Commissioner informed.

About 25 per cent posts are lacking in the department. When there were 8 lakh vehicles in 1992, there were 2,000 personnel. Now the number of vehicles has leaped to 76 lakh, but the number of personnel is just 1,800. The issue has been brought to the notice of the government, he said.

‘Press’ vehicles

In the wake of objections that some vehicles are unnecessarily using ‘press’ stickers on them, it has been decided to issue notice to owners of such vehicles. A system of applying uniform number plates to all vehicles is being implemented, according to which one cannot write anything on the number plate apart from vehicle number, Rao clarified.

Regional Transport Officer Nanjaraje Urs and in-charge SP Bhagvandas were present.


* The transport department is intended to bring certain amendments to the rules of giving driving licenses

* The process of installing GPS in vehicles is on progress

* Vehicle registration has declined in Bangalore as a result of global recession

* About 25 per cent posts are vacant in the department

* Uniformity will be brought in the number plates