Looking cool in cotton

Looking cool in cotton


Looking cool in cotton

 Enthralled: Wearing team jerseys with jeans is in this IPL season. Dh Photos by Sanya Sood and Poorna Uthappa This is true especially on the day of the match when youngsters come either flaunting their favourite team’s jersey or adding their own twist to the dresses. Though there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to dressing for an IPL match, designers tell Metrolife that one can always look trendy by keeping a few things in mind. Says Gayathri Khanna, who will be featuring her latest collection during the IPL after parties, “It’s all about keeping it simple and fashionable. Less is more this season but that doesn’t mean I am suggesting short dresses or skirts. Cool cotton tops in bright colours over a pair of comfortable jeans is more appropriate.”

With a majority of matches starting at eight in the night, Manoviraj Khosla states it is still hot inside the stadium and a colourful shirt or tee over jeans or denim shorts would look good.

“The ideal thing would be to wear your favourite team’s jersey with jeans. This will help you strike a great style statement during the matches,” he adds. For the young professionals and students attending the match, it’s all about being spontaneous. Many blend in with the crowd by sporting team colours and teaming them with three-fourth pants or jeans while there are a few who wear kurtis, dresses and even salwars. “It’s more about being comfortable and by wearing the colours of my favourite team, I let everyone know who I am cheering for,” says Radhika, a student.

Despite the matches being held in the night, the heat inside the stadium is something one cannot ignore. That’s why Raksha, another student, prefers to wear cotton clothes for the matches. “I am more of a spontaneous person when it comes to dressing up for an outing like the IPL. But because of the heat, I like wearing cotton tops and team them with cotton pants,” she adds.

Many men agree with Raksha. Due to the heat, they prefer to team their tees with either khaki or three-fourth pants or plain jeans.

Accessories on the other hand are popular this IPL season. While floaters, sport shoes and ballerinas are a big hit when it comes to footwear, different kind of bangles, colourful socks, and even head bands are making their rounds this season.

Sarita, a young professional, states that she prefers accessories over getting her face painted.

“I am a hat person and no matter where I am, I can’t stay without my hat. I find them funky and they add an extra zing to an outfit,” adds Sarita.