Hurray... It's a holiday!

Hurray... It's a holiday!


Hurray... It's a holiday!

POPULAR Beaches are a preferred holiday destination.

Summer is here and it is synonymous with vacations. Some look at it as a time to bond with friends and family while others just want to unwind.

Travel plans are made and everyone wants to experience excitement, fun and something new.

With schools and colleges closed at this time of the year, children look forward to this season the most as they get a respite from studies. Says Yogitha, a working mother, “Every summer, we make a trip to Cochin where our parents stay so that the children can spend some time with their grandparents.”

This is the season people get to spend maximum time with family which is otherwise a bit hard due to the hectic work schedules that everyone has. Says Manjulakshmi, one such working woman, “All of us have work commitments and busy lives. But now is the time take off work and leave all the responsibilities behind. This year, I have saved all my leaves for this holiday and am looking forward to it.”

However, though travelling with family is good, there are a few who beg to differ. Nishali, an operations analyst, is planning to go on a vacation all alone for two weeks. She says, “I want to go to Maldives or any other such place all alone. When you go in a group, you have to rely on others, compromise on things you want to do or places you want to visit. Here, I don’t have to rely on anybody else. Last year, I had gone to Goa and it was so much fun to travel alone. You can just break free.”

While planning a long holiday, hill stations and coastal beaches are on everyone’s agenda. Manjulakshmi seconds this. “We are planning a trip to Bhutan. We had visited it earlier as well. Other places on our list are Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep.”

But there are a few who like to experiment and go to places less visited during summer. Says Ajay, “My friends and I are planning to go to Mahabaleshpur but only if we get our leave sanctioned from office.” And the adventurous lot is keen on making it a road trip too. He adds, “It is immense fun to travel by bikes. It gives us the freedom to go anywhere we feel like. Though we have planned our destination, we may end up going somewhere else instead.”

Cashing in on the holiday season, there are quite a few travel agencies coming up with attractive offers too. But some are skeptical about this as they prefer making their own plans. Says Manjulakshmi, “We have checked out the various holiday packages. But we don’t require one because they are too much of a hassle. So we are considering making our own reservations.”

There are many who wish to travel to places outside India but this requires a lot of planning. Says Yogitha, “We promised the kids we would take them to Disneyland but it is not possible this year as we still have a few visa formalities to complete before that. So we have postponed the trip to next year.”

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