Palike standing panels' term comes to end

Palike standing panels' term comes to end

The term of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor ended on April 22. The ruling party, however, decided to conduct elections on April 29 to ensure that the deputy mayor Dayanand enters wedlock while in power. Dayanand’s marriage is scheduled for April 27.
The incumbents can continue to hold the post till the election. Nataraj assumed office as the Mayor on April 23, 2011.

Already notified

The election of the Mayor has already been notified.

The Mayor and the Deputy Mayor can continue to use their official vehicles and attend offices, but cannot dispose of any files. The members of the standing committees can neither use their official vehicles nor dispose of any files after April 22. The rule applies to the leaders of the Opposition, which post too has become vacant.

The names of the candidates for the all the posts should be declared in the generalbody meeting of the Council.

However, the Mayor cannot conduct any meeting after April 22 and hence there is no question of declaring the names.