Bullet removed from man's brain after 23 years

Bullet removed from man's brain after 23 years

Wang Tianqing, who lives in northern China's Hebei province, fell unconscious when he suffered a blow to the head in 1988, The Telegraph reported Saturday.

"I thought I'd been hit by a slingshot...I saw a man standing on a hill and thought he'd hit me," Wang was qouted as saying.

He came to his senses in the hospital, he was was given anti-inflammatory drugs and sent home.

Soon thereafter, he began suffering epileptic seizures that grew worse in the past two decades.

When he visited the hospital for treatment of his convulsions, the rusted two-centimetre-long bullet was seen on his CAT scan.

Wang Zhiming, a surgeon, said the bullet missed the victim's main veins and did not injure his brainstem.