Rescued leopards cynosure of all eyes

Rescued leopards cynosure of all eyes

The leopard that was rescued from Ganeshpura village, which has turned 18-months old, now lives its life majestically at Dodderi reserve forest near Tarikere-Bhadravathi. DH PHOTO

These cubs have been allowed to grow in a two and half acre dense forest area earmarked just for the five of them. This is the unique experiment conducted by the forest department to allow the cubs grow in their natural habitat.

Over the last one and half years, the cubs have been growing under the vigilance of Bhadravathi Conservator of Forest. Now that the cubs have turned 18-months old, taking care of them in this huge confined area is becoming a challenge for the department.
The department is not keen on getting the cubs out of its natural habitat.

Hence, the department has made a 3 ft high metal confinement around the 2 acre land known as ‘Wild animal conservation centre,’ spending about Rs 50 lakhs.

The five leopards are now capable of living on their own. They are capable of hunting their prey and leading a life in the woods. The forest officials are closely watching the movement and behaviour of the one female and four male leopards in the specially confined area.

The officials are now confused whether to keep the leopards in Dodderi or to send it to Bannerughatta reserve forest. The successful effort of the forest officials of protecting the cubs has bagged them huge appreciation.