All set for the CET

All set for the CET

Exam Preparation

HARDWORKING Students are well prepared for the CET exams.

The Common Entrance Test (CET) is undoubtedly considered one of the most important entrance exams for students interested in a career in engineering or medicine in Karnataka. Scheduled on April 27 and 28, this two-day test, which includes the four core subjects – physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology – is believed to be the true test of a student’s merit. The coveted CET rank being the deciding factor on whether the student will gain admission in an engineering or a medical college of his choice and if the student will get the subject of his choice. When an exam answers such important questions, it is bound to be a highly stressful affair. The preparation for these exams also is an ongoing process, with students taking up CET coaching classes as early as the beginning of first PUC or Eleventh standard. Metrolife asked students in the City on what kind of preparation is involved to tackle the CET.

Lakshmee Sharma from RV PU College, says, “A lot of pressure is put on all of us to do well. Most pretend that they are not really stressed but in reality, a lot of preparation goes into it. My college is integrated with a coaching centre that gave us study modules. Some of the modules helped as they included a brief synopsis with important formula and a solution manual. However, I also joined tuitions for CET and they discussed everything in detail. Immediately after board exams, I also attended a crash course for mathematics, where we were taught shortcut methods.”

Crash courses immediately after board exams are believed to be a nice way of brushing up on basics and are believed to give a lot of confidence to the students. Vishwas R Katti from Kumarans PU College says, “I went for a 22-day crash course after the board exams. The crash course, I must confess, was of great help. In the CET, the biggest challenge is that the time you get to tackle a question is just one minute. So it becomes very essential to know short cut methods and certain formulae which reduce the time needed to tackle a problem. I also looked through previous year AIEEE papers and some really old IIT papers. Since I have also prepared for AIEEE, tackling CET becomes comparatively easier.”

Jitesh Sahni, from Christ Junior College, says that attending the crash course during vacation was a good decision. “At my crash course centre, we were given unit test everyday, after which the answers were discussed in class. So you knew where you had gone wrong instantly. It was a 24-day crash course and was kind of useful, as I wouldn’t have otherwise studied at home. However, my preparation started just two days ago but I am sure I will be able to tackle the exam with ease.”