Choose specialisation with great care

Choose specialisation with great care


Choose specialisation with great care

Dear Sir,

I have a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management. I have chosen to do MSc in Manufacturing Systems and Management from the University of Salford. Please guide me on this subject. Also please let me know about the employment opportunities in UK as well as in India.

Raghunandan R

Dear Raghunandan,

As you know Manufacturing Systems and Management studies take you deeper into understanding of modern manufacturing systems, which are fast changing. You will be studying the implementation and management of these updated systems. Your choice of University of Salford is good as it has a good standing among universities in UK. I presume you know the financial implications. This is a good and upcoming field as changes are happening very fast in engineering manufacturing systems and methods in order to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of industrial products.

As regards employment opportunities, be assured that if your academic performance is good and you have the ability to reduce your academic inputs to practical applications there is no looking back. You may use the opportunity provided by the UK education system where you are allowed to work for a while in the same field after graduating.  Here in India also due to the high growth rate and overall boom in manufacturing industries you can definitely make good progress provided.

Dear Sir,

I have completed my BE (Computer Science) and have taken the GRE and TOEFL, scoring 1250 and 90, respectively. However, I have a BE aggregate of only 54 and have no work experience. I am planning to do my MS in CS in Fall 2011. Will I get into a decent university? 

Frustrated Student

Dear Student,

I can understand your desire to do a master’s programme in Computer Science from a good university in US. I see your academic performance at the graduation level has not been that great. You are the best judge to identify whether it was your lack of hard work or your lack of the appropriate aptitude that was the reason for not performing well. The answer to these points will help you to look further and choose your area of specialisation. If your aptitude is not that suitable for computer science there are other areas that you can choose that suit your aptitude with the foundation of an engineering degree. 

The chances of getting into any one of the above colleges do exist but are slim as the number of aspiring students has increased. As you know the admission criteria includes all the above and also many others such as your SOP and recommendation letters. You certainly have a chance of getting in to a University in US if you improve your GRE and TOEFL scores and by reworking your SOP.

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