The great big fat royal wedding

The great big fat royal wedding

Marriage Extravaganza

The great big fat royal wedding

LAVISH Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The Raj may have given way to aam aadmi and the Empire to democracy. But Indians are still hungry for celebrity news. And if the celebrity happens to be from the British monarchy, the curiosity is huge. The royal wedding of Prince William and his lady love, Katherine Middleton, that is slated to take place on April 29 is being awaited with bated breath in our City as well.

 The dress, guest list, cake, menu, fashion, bride bouquet…the curiosity to know every detail about the wedding is as much intense in Bangalore as it is in London. Anything and everything about the royal affair makes heads turn. People agree evenings and late nights are set apart to watch the proceedings of the royal wedding on the various TV channels.

Metrolife spoke to a cross-section of people in the City who said the royal wedding was almost like a fairy tale unfolding and they didn’t want to miss out on all the action and catch it all as and when it happens.

Binu, an IT professional said that she can’t help but give into all the hype and frenzy happening around her about the royal wedding.

 “I am curious to know the details of the wedding. I wouldn't sit through a live telecast but would prefer reading it in the paper or watch snippets of it in the news. The decor, venue, clothes and fashion... all of it is interesting,” she said.

Lalitha C, senior teacher feels royal weddings are far removed from reality. She holds immense admiration for Diana, the late Princess of Wales for all the charity she did in her short life. “I hope Katherine Middleton will emulate her to the best of her ability. Good looks apart, both have character. If Kate can carry on where her mother-in-law left off, we can't hope for anything better,” she said.

She pointed out that there’s enough steam rising before the nuptial knot. “The feeling of love and goodwill towards the young royal couple is warming. I watch the wedding unfold every night on television,” she added.

Kalpan Haridas, an educationist said she too watched most of the programmes leading up to the royal wedding, from a sense of curiosity. “Even with our tradition of the big fat Indian wedding, one must admit that there is a great deal of curiosity involved in the royal affair. Thoughts that are uppermost on my mind revolve around the historicity, the enormous amounts of planning, the protocol and of course, the larger than life quality,” observed Kalpan.  

But Shalini Bhattacharya, a young professional, has a slightly different take on the whole issue.

She pointed out that there’s always been a vast difference between common man and the royalty. “The aura associated with the royal family faded a bit when some unexpected events transpired in the recent past. Prince William and Harry have had to earn their status as well as the respect of the nation on their own merit,” she reasoned.
Shalini confessed that while the proceedings don’t really affect her in any way, “I would definitely like to watch history in the making.” 

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