Mangalorean who was closest to Baba

Mangalorean who was closest to Baba

Mangalorean who was closest to Baba

 Confidant: Sathyajith with the Baba. The bespectacled, thin, fair boy impressed Baba so much that he asked the boy to be a part of his spiritual journey.

Since then, life has changed a great deal for Sathyajith. The 38-year-old Mangalorean’s name is heard prominently as the successor of Sathya Sai’s empire estimated to be worth anything between Rs 40,000 crore and Rs 1,40,000 crore.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, a Mangalore-based senior journalist, who has known Sathyajith’s parents for long, said it was Baba who awarded Sathyajith his gold medal at the MBA convocation.

As he was the brightest, Sathyajith was asked to speak a few words. Young Sathyajith took to the stage and spoke about the Baba eloquently for 10 minutes.

Journey begins

After the programme, the Baba walked up to Sathyajith and asked the boy to join in his spirtitual journey. Sathyajith readily agreed.

Born as Yathish to Umesh and Mohini on February 16, 1974, Sathyajith finished his schooling in Mumbai.

His father, a former employee with Bank of Baroda, hails from Sasihithlu near Surathkal, while his mother is from Kudroli in Mangalore.

They are presently settled in Bangalore. With the parents having immense faith in the Baba, young Yathish too imbibed the faith to the extent that he stayed with the Baba till the spiritual guru breathed his last.

In 1991, Yathish went to Puttaparthi to complete his higher education in college run by Sathya Sai Trust. He finished his BSc, MSc and MBA in Puttaparthi.

“Being close to Sathya Sai, his beloved god could have been the only aim of young Yathish going to Puttaparthi for education,” says the scribe adding that Yathish became Sathyajith and plunged into the service of the Baba by becoming his personal assistant and his most trusted confidante. It is said that Baba took Sathyajith’s advice in most issues. Whenever Baba fell sick, it was Sathyajith who would take care of him.