'Prevent manufacture, sale, use of Endosulfan'

'Prevent manufacture, sale, use of Endosulfan'

Endosulfan Horata Samithi has welcomed the inclusion of Endosulfan in Annexe A, listing of globally banned pesticides under the fifth Stockholm convention meeting held in Geneva on Friday.

With the inclusion of Endosulfan in Annexe A, the Samithi has now urged the Government and its departments concerned to take all steps to prevent the manufacture, sale and use of Endosulfan. With half of the battle won, the Samithi says that the most important work left is to get compensation and rehabilitation for the victims of the region.

Addressing reporters on Saturday, Samithi Convener Dr Ravindranath Shanbhag said that the deadly disease and deformities are found in villages like Kokkada, Patrame, Nidle, Medinadka, Veerakamba, Ilanthila, Karaya, Kunthuru, Koila, Vitla, Kedampady, Savanur, Kaniyur, Bajathoor, Aithoor, Malangal, Bellal, Sampaje, Kalloni, Kukkundoor, Nekkilady, Koyyur, Lankaru, Nelyadi, Suvarmale, Thannirupantha and Hirebandadi. The survey has been limited to just three villages and State Government must decide and set a date for carrying out survey and disbursal of compensation to victims.

“The Government must set up 24x7 helpline facility to prove permanent compensation. Kerala government carried out a detailed survey in certain pockets. It has enough proof that there are 3,450 out of 15,000 people are reportedly sick directly or indirectly ingesting Endosulfan,” he said adding that over the last 10 years, there has been a massive increase in the number of victims and today there are over 6,500 children affected by Endosulfan.


He said that there are more than 4,000 pregnant women in these villages affected by Endosulfan poisoning. The Government must take steps to facilitate scanning of these women to screen for deformities in the foetus. In case such abnormalities are found, Government on medical advise should facilitate termination of the foetus.

Genes test

Shanbhag said that there are over 20,000 youth in the Endosulfan affected areas who are on the threshold of entering wedlock. “There are very strong possibilities of genetic abnormalities in these youth. The Government must hence come forth to provide monetary assistance for these youth to go for genes analysis. In case any abrasion in chromosomes is detected then such youth should be asked not to have children, as done in Chernobyle and Nagasaki,” he said.

Rehab centres

Dr Shanbhag said that there is just one rehabilitation centre at Kokkada which is just enough for 30 to 40 persons. The fact is that the number of victims has shot up to 300 in this area. Taking note of this Government must open up rehab centres in selected areas.

Global ban

Clarifying the concept of ‘global ban,’ Dr Shanbhag said that the global ban spoken in this context is actually a ‘face-out ban’ where the company will not wind up its activities all of a sudden.  The companies will be asked to bring about deduction in their production every year. At present, Endosulfan companies have been given 11 years time to bring production to zero. There are 62 Endosulfan companies in India.  They are now expected to make public the details of their production and stocks.