Plenty up his sleeve

Plenty up his sleeve

Reaching Out

One of the few musicians, who is known to dabble with a variety of things apart from music, is Lucky Ali.

Settled in Bangalore, the musician has come a long way from his debut album Sunoh and has not looked back since then.  His soulful melodies are associated with the memories of an entire generation, who grew up listening to him.

Metrolife had a chat with him about this city and his exciting new endeavours. “Nanna ooru Bangalore and all my music is composed here. My father is buried here. In the years that have gone by, it has changed but the City still has its charm! People are still the same. This City is very special to me,” he says.

Ask about some of his upcoming projects and he says, “My entertainment company will be launching a magazine soon, titled ‘India Live’, to support musicians who perform live all over India.”

Is he still into organic farming?

“We are into ‘agritecture’ now, which is a combination of agriculture and architecture. According to this, concept homes are so designed that it becomes your food source. We are also still into farming. We are farmers by nature and I still support anything that prevents the use of fertilizers,” he says.

Lucky’s album ‘Xsuie’ was released on the Internet sometime back.  About it being only a soft release of the album, he says, “As a musician, I wanted to see if I would  be able to reach people using a new technology.

Besides I didn’t want to release CDs for the sake of it.”  Lucky says his fans can look forward to his new album Rastaman in the coming months.

“The album will have all the work that I haven’t released over the years. Some of the music will also be available for free download online. The CDs, though, won’t be available at stores and if people need a copy, they can intimate me through my Facebook
page and will be sent a copy,” he adds.

On the music scene in Bangalore and his advice to up-and-coming musicians, he says, “Everybody has potential but it depends on what they want to project. You need to be who you are and be fearful of making mistakes. This is true not only for a career, but everything in life. After all if  you don’t fail in love, how will you find love?”