A glance into visual grammar


A glance into visual grammar

 Artist Thejaswini L (in white).

The exhibition comprises paintings, graphic prints, new media art and photography.
Their works are in contrasting colours in their assimilated creativity in various aspects of life in a discrepant way.

While the works emphasise the creative process within the context of Indian visual culture, these young artists are trying to explore the new media as well as experiment with them.

 Their works are based on their everyday experiences and what they feel about it. How they visualise it, is put down and conveyed through their works.

Shubha A Hebbar, who is part of the Rough Note, plays with space, forms and dots to create her works.

Her works are initially paintings. Then she digitalises it and includes something else to add flavour to it and make it look unique.

She says, “I want to show how a dot can be used to play around with. My work is purely abstract work. I try to bring the uniqueness aspect through my work. It is always different and is set apart.”

Each member of the group have used their sensibilities to represent things in their own visual grammar. The group has made an attempt to unveil the contemporary art scenario, their works show how contemporary art practice has opened up new possibilities in the present scenario.

Kiran Kumar M has used his animation and graphics skills in his works. His works are totally offbeat and tells anyone who takes a single glance at it that new media offers a lot to experiment with.

Some of the paintings are done on fabric and have been stitched together and it shows creativity at its best. The patchwork paintings are based on nature.

Tejaswini L says, “Nature is my theme. It is done according to my perception and how I have viewed it and how it should be.”

Each patch is different, there are fruits, animals and trees on them and then there is a sudden shift to buses and cars as well.

Some of them have been made into dry paint graphic prints. The paintings are oil and acrylic.

Photographs from different walks of life have been captured by Harish V to complete the art exhibition successfully. 

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