Carving a path to good life

Carving a path to good life

Hobby Club

 A Feet on the Street  activity.  Running has gone beyond just a fitness regime. Today, people run as part of a community activity, for fun or even for charity. Runners For Life (RFL) involves all this and more for its members. Started in March 2005 by a group of people who enjoyed long distance running, the club began to notice that a lot of people enjoyed running and training together as well as exchanging information on running. That’s when they decided to organise a monthly run in the City. “Those days the City was not as crowded as it is now. So the runs were possible without any traffic interference,” says Arvind from RFL.

When the club had its first run, there were 65 people. Over the years, more people joined in bringing in a whole body of knowledge from various qualified people who aimed to promote long distance running. “This brought in a structure to the club and inspired a lot of newbies who wanted to run,” says Arvind while adding, “a lot of people have this misconception that long distance running is only for the lean mean machines but that’s not true at all.”

Anything more than 10 km is what the club defines as long distance but there are other activities that incorporate the beginners too. Some of RFL’s regular activities are the Nike Run Club, where members meet every Saturday at the Kanteerava Stadium at 6 am.

With the help of trainers, they learn the basic exercises and train to run for a total of 10 km. This also provides a platform for all the doubts and misconceptions to be cleared as professionals are available at the venue.

“For those who have not thought of running or would like to try it out for the first time, could join us at our monthly activity called Feet on the Street which does not exceed five km,” says Arvind. This monthly activity takes place every first Sunday of the month. It allows families and friends to try out running for the first time, all the while they would be running for a charitable cause.

The club also has something for those who train for marathons, called Fortnightly Run, where members run beyond 10 km. “Every fortnight, the members decide on a place slightly outside the City. This not only provides a traffic free run but also gives a good scenic experience,” he adds.

Apart from these regular activities, they also have other interesting events that really excites the members like the The Bangalore Duathlon, Urban Stampede, where corporates take part and Cauvery Drill Marathon, where the members run on the banks of the river.

The club has also gone beyond the City. The members take part in various marathons held in other cities as well. “We have a huge range of members who had come for the Feet on the Street activity and gradually graduated to the Nike Run. And before we know it, we have people attending marathons,” says Arvind while adding, “One must always remember that running is a personal activity which is different for each individual. So the best way to learn is not to force oneself but let it take its own course.”

Tips for Beginners

*Do not get intimidated by the distance people talk about

*Do not start running at a fast pace. Gradually increase your speed which suits your comfort level and figure out your rhythm.

*Running is a gradual process, one cannot expect to see results over night. 

* Always breathe right 

* Wear comfortable shoes, make sure they are not worn out

*Wear clothes that breath, preferably cotton. Avoid jeans and polyester.

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