Time to hone their skills

Time to hone their skills


A vacation provides students an opportunity to catch up with friends and relatives, visit new places and even explore their skills and hobbies.

 Apart from enjoying their free time, many youngsters are polishing their skills this summer. Metrolife speaks to the students of class XII and second PUC, who have completely involved themselves in their areas of interest.

Leah and Michelle, two second PUC students of Jyoti Nivas College, have been teaching dance to kids between 8 and 16 years of age. “Michelle and I were a part of the ‘Western Dance Team’ in our college and had bagged many prizes in various competitions. Instead of spending time unproductively during the vacation, we decided to impart our knowledge to others.

So we decided to teach hip hop dance and the kids have turned up in good number,” says Leah. She adds, “Though we started teaching dance to keep ourselves busy, we realised the other benefits of it later. We are honing our talent and earning pocket money at the same time. Moreover, we are enjoying what we are doing. It’s a different experience altogether.”

For Komal S Kooduvalli, who finished her class XII in Sri Kumaran Children’s Home, it’s time to sweat it out on the grounds as she has joined basketball classes. “While my friends are busy preparing for entrance exams, I wish to achieve something in the field of sports. I am playing in the ‘Under 18 Basketball Tournament’, which may happen in the month of July. For that, I am practising two hours in the morning and three hours in the evening everyday,” she says. 

Due to her hectic academic work, Komal couldn’t focus on her areas of interest for the past two years. Hence, now she is happy that she can indulge in activities of her choice.

“I started writing a diary when I was eight. I was greatly influenced by my grandmother who has been doing it for the past 50 years. But I couldn’t do it for the past two years. Now I have started jotting down the special moments of my life again,” she reveals.
Shruthi Iyengar, a PUC student from Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women, has joined dance classes this summer.

“I have joined ‘Zankara Dance School’ in R T Nagar,” she says excitedly. “I am learning all types of dance — classical, contemporary, hip hop, salsa and Bollywood. I can’t explain how thrilled I feel whenever I give stage performances. I feel proud as I am learning new things during this vacation and making the best use of time,” she concludes.