Elderly man stabbed to death over petty row

Elderly man stabbed to death over petty row

Armugam (52), a daily wage labourer and a resident of Yadavagiri is that person. The injured have been identified as Putta and Biligiri, neighbours of the deceased. The duo are being treated at a hospital here.

Putta, who resides near A Ramanna Circle at Yadavagiri allegedly turned his two-wheeler towards right at the junction near his house, without giving any signal, that resulted in the mishap.

Two youths who were moving on a two-wheeler behind Putta, fell off, leading to a verbal duel between the trio. Putta’s neighbours Armugam and Biligiri who intervened, brokered the truce, before returning to their house. But, the two youths allegedly didn’t let it go that easy. They called their friends over phone, summoning them to the very spot. In no time, about 12 youths, armed with weapons, in six motorcycles, arrived at the place.

 In the meantime, Putta came out of the house to wash his hands after dinner, only to be attacked by the youths. Armugam and Biligiri who again rushed to Putta’s help, had to face the wrath of assailants. Armugam was allegedly stabbed near his abdomen, while Biligiri was attacked in a brutal manner. The locals rushed them to a hospital, where Armugam succumbed later. Both Putta and Biligiri are weavers, the family profession. 

Meanwhile, buzz is that, it’s not only the mishap, the exact reason behind the whole episode. According to a source, Putta, a binge drinker may have engaged in a brawl, and the attack on him was nothing but the continuance of the unsavoury incident.
However, police said that three youths have been taken into custody and are being interrogated.

V V Puram Police have registered a case.