Carmel basks in toppers' glory

Carmel basks in toppers' glory

This student of Carmel High School, Padmanabhanagar lost only 10 marks overall and plans to pursue science.

Srinidhi’s namesake and classmate, Srinidhi H, also performed well, scoring 97.92 per cent overall. Yet another student from Carmel School, Namratha K R, has an overall tally of 613 out of 625. Other top scorers include Sonu S R of Oxford High School and Sandhya R from Nivedita Girls High School, who scored 97.12 per cent and 96.96 per cent respectively.

Hard work, consistency and parental support seems to be the winning formula for this bunch of high fliers. “The teachers made the lessons very engaging and the explanation of concepts used to be very lucid,” said Srinidhi H.

Carmel High School, Padmanabhanagar, has 18 students who scored above 95 per cent. A total of 67 students scored above 90 per cent and the school has 99.6 per cent of the students passing with first class. On the remarkable achievement of the school, principal Sribala said: “It’s an overwhelming moment for the staff. Their hard work paid off. Teaching of the core subjects was mostly application-oriented and our students managed to do well. A few of our students, despite having major health issues, were also able to score very well.”

Gayatri K S and Sindhiya L K from Vidyaniketan Public School scored 94 per cent and 96.16 per cent respectively. Abhay Girimaji who scored 95 per cent, attributed his success to his parents and relatives.

Several of these high achievers have already mapped out their future careers. Megha A V who scored 97.12 per cent wants to pursue a career in electrical engineering. Vaishnavi G who scored 609 marks out of 625, wants to join the Indian Administrative Service (IAS).