Mane magic

Mane magic

The Rebel & Rogue look: This hairdo is about working a messy yet chic look. The hairstyle will suit any length and texture of hair. With a few, sharp scissor flicks and layers, a casual, unkempt look can be achieved. The length allows for a long, unruly ponytail.

The Pure do: The length accentuates the jaw line but the fringe makes it feminine.

The Metro woman: This is a very practical style and requires very little upkeep. The chic look is achieved with coloured streaking.  
Punkd!: Bring on the mohawk and the spikes to pull off this variant. Colours are no more just for highlighting. They also add a lot of depth. Colours can now create a 3D look too.

Trends in hairstyling have become more flexible over the years, with lengths and texture becoming easier to adapt and maintain. This year will be about combining practicality with chic.

Those with naturally-straight hair can try colour streaking to add body and bounce to their hair.

If maintenance is an issue that’s bogging you down, then leave the styling and colouring to an expert.

A hairstylist’s job is to look into several aspects of hair health before actually recommending and implementing a style. For example, an expert will be able to judge the effect of colour and the depth it can provide your hair.

Never shy away from consulting a professional on what suits you best. Ideally, carry a few options (images) that suit you, and leave it to the expert to take the final call.