Government to be formed before May 19: Gogoi

Government to be formed before May 19: Gogoi

"The government, which has been re-elected for the third consecutive term, will be formed before May 19," Gogoi told reporters at the party headquarter.

Earlier today, 75-year-old Gogoi said his priority after forming the government would be to bring all insurgent groups, including the ULFA, to the negotiating table for lasting peace in the state.

He said that even if the Congress gets majority on its own, the alliance partner, the Bodoland Peoples Front, would continue to be part of the government as the party had helped Congress in 'difficult times'.

"Economic development won us vote. People have rewarded us for the good work," Gogoi, who had served as Union Minister from 1991 to 1995, said.

Asked about various corruption charges against his government, he said there were no charges against any minister of his cabinet.

"My government probably is the only government in the country which referred nine-ten corruption cases to the CBI," he said.

Giving credit to the people for his party's 'massive' victory, an elated chief minister attacked the Opposition for not being 'sincere and lacking in stability'.

"We want a strong opposition, but their rout this time is due to their lack of sincerity," the chief minister said amid wild celebration in the party office where a large number of supporters, including women, were seen dancing and shouting slogans in support of Gogoi and Congress.

"We managed to get the confidence of the people," Gogoi said and thanked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi for their support to the party during their election campaign.