Experts see no threat to BJP govt

Experts see no threat to BJP govt

“As far as the BJP is concerned, its strength has gone up by 11 members in the Legislative Assembly. With the party’s victory on three more seats, their total number in the House is increased by 14 members. In case of future trust vote, those 11 members have to follow the party whip,” constitutional expert Subhash Kashyap said.

The independent MLAs, who got their membership back, on the other hand, are free to vote either in favour or against the confidence or no-confidence motion, he added.
“The independent MLAs can vote either side. They are not bound by any whip but they cannot join any party. They can be disqualified if they join a political party or indulge in an activity amenable to joining a party,” Kashyap said.

He does not see any threat to the B S Yeddyurappa government.Former judge of Delhi High Court Justice R S Sodhi concurred with the views of Kashyap, a former secretary general of the Lok Sabha.

With regard to 11 BJP MLAs, he said that they will have to vote as per party whip if they want to retain their membership.

“The independents, however, are not bound by any such condition. Once elected as independent, such MLAs are free to vote as per their wish and dictates.

“The independent MLAs are such horses who can be traded and can go to the highest bidder,” Sodhi said, pointing to the ills relating to buying and selling of legislators.
So, is there any threat to Yeddyurappa Government?

“It does not appear so,” Justice Sodhi said.Karnataka Assembly Speaker K G Bopaiah had disqualified five independent MLAs before the confidence vote on October 11 last year on the plea that they had lost their independent character by joining the Yeddyurappa government and also participating in the party meetings.

A Supreme Court bench on Friday set aside the disqualification of 11 BJP and five independent MLAs, who had challenged the Karnataka High Court’s verdicts upholding the Speaker’s order.