Tribals invoke forest goddess

Tribals invoke forest goddess

Prayers made for well being of floral, fauna, forest inhabitants

The elephants of Dubare elephant camp praying to the Ammale Devi at Dubare forest. DH PHOTOS

The tribals who have been residing inside the forest offered pooja to the elephants, trees, birds, flora and fauna as a whole in anticipation of good for them as well as the nature.
A special pooja was offered ritualistically to the Forest Goddess Ammale Devi inside the Dubare forest.

The Goddess was offered with paddy, tender coconut and other pulses.
After offering pooja to the elephants, they went around the sanctum sanctorum. A calf offered garland to the Goddess. The tribals also worshipped plants and trees on the occasion and showcased their belief in nature worship.

After the pooja, they offered payasa, sweet made of banana and puffed rice.
Mass prayers were offered for food and good rain and to see that no harm is being done to the wild animals and trees inside the forest. “There should be no harm to the tribals who reside inside the forest,” the tribals said.

District Jilla Budakattu Krishikara Sangha President J P Raju said “the tribals have been taming the elephants for generations. They have been responsible for bringing back the elephants to the Dubare camp. They are offering prayers to the Ammale Devi so that the elephants will not harm them.” Zilla Panchayat former member R K Chandru said that the tribals observe the festival every year.

Prior to observing the festival, elephants were bathed in Cauvery river and were embellished and taken out in a procession.

As part of Ammale festival, there was no elephant safari and other activities at Dubare camp on Monday.