Decline in yield pushes up jowar price

Decline in yield pushes up jowar price

The price of Bijapur jowar (a variety) which hovered at Rs 2,000 per quintal has gone up to Rs 2,200.

The primary reason for the decline in the yield is the reduction in the area under cultivation.
There has been a 30 per cent decrease in the area under jowar cultivation in Bagalkot, Bijapur, Raichur and Bellary districts.

Untimely and heavy rain at the time of harvesting have also contributed to the reduced yield.

“The yield is only 30 per cent in Karnataka. Mahindra jowar in Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh has registered a yield of 40 per cent,” said Kotresh Arali, a wholesale trader.

The fall in production has compelled even the farmers to purchase the produce in open market for domestic consumption.

The uncertainty over returns on investments has forced farmers to take up cultivation of commercial crops.

There has also been considerable increase in people consuming jowar.

Jowar is equally popular in neighbouring Maharashtra.

The production has come down in Maharashtra too and there is a concomitant fall in arrivals to the State, said Basavaraj Mushri, a jowar merchant.