'I have great respect for Preity'

'I have great respect for Preity'

Owner's pride

Having played for the Mumbai Indians last season, the 28-year-old is currently a part of the ‘King’s XI Punjab’. The shift was something he didn’t mind and he is happy that the ‘guys’ in the team get along very well. In the City recently, Ryan observed how different Bangalore is from Mumbai and Punjab.

“That’s the beauty of India. Almost every city comes with its own share of unique qualities and beauty. But one thing that binds them all is the passion for cricket,” he adds.  He has just one advice to offer to all the young cricketers in India. “One must believe in oneself. Without that belief, you can never go ahead in this profession,” he says.

Ryan knows that each Indian City has its own special cuisine and he is looking forward to having some ‘South Indian dosas’. “I have already tasted butter chicken and the seafood is also great. I make sure to try out one special dish of every city I visit,” he says.

Since the IPL demands a lot of travelling from the players, Ryan reveals that he unwinds by reading and shopping. “I try to get out of the hotel and shop. I also enjoy playing golf whenever I get time.”

In fact, Ryan admits that if he wasn’t a cricketer, golf would have been one of the career options he would have chosen for himself. “One can never take the sportsman out of me. I enjoy all kinds of games but apart from cricket, golf is something I follow extensively,” he says.

The player is all praise for his owner Preity Zinta. Though he has not watched any Bollywood movies so far, Ryan has seen few clips of Preity’s movies. “I have heard that she is an amazing actress but from our interactions I can say that she is a positive owner. We generally meet her in the evenings and for dinner. I have great respect for the way she supports us and allows us to play our cricket,” he says.