Akshay heaps praise on Hrithik's moves

Akshay heaps praise on Hrithik's moves

Akshay was among the first stars to react to Hrithik's promotional video for his debut television show 'Just Dance'.

"Hrithik Roshan is a one of a kind actor-dancer... He must know he makes all us heroes envy his moves," Akshay said after watching the promo.

Akshay said Hrithik brings freshness to the dance floor. "He is extremely talented and has everything that the youth needs to see in a hero," the 42-year-old actor said.

Akshay said if Hrithik ever opened a dance school his son Aarav would be the first to attend.

"Hrithik has performed some of the most memorable and difficult dance steps in the last decade. I, of course, would never dance with him, but I will definitely love to make an action film with him," Akshay said.