Everybody loves sitcoms

Everybody loves sitcoms


American television has always been popular with youngsters. Be it ‘Friends’, ‘Gossip Girl’, ‘Scrubs’, ‘Desperate Housewives’, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and the like, American programmes have had a considerable impact on popular culture from socialising to fashion in urban cities today.

They are a huge source of inspiration for the fashion conscious and brand crazy youth. These sitcoms play a crucial role in the lives of many young people, influencing their lifestyle choices be it moving out of home, coffee culture or dating trends. The fashion trends and lifestyles of the actors are discussed frequently in the college campuses.

‘Metrolife’ asks youngsters in the City about their favourite American shows and the influence these have had on their lives.

While most youngsters prefer watching American sitcoms and dramas over Indian ‘saas-bahu’ soaps, they also feel they are a great form of entertainment. “American sitcoms influence us in everyday life because of the kind of lifestyle and digital culture that is portrayed. Most of us seek entertainment through these sitcoms as they serve as an escape from our everyday struggles,” says Madumita Paul of St Joseph’s College.

Many youngsters tend to relate to the characters they see on screen. “I watch ‘Desperate Housewifes’ regularly. I personally feel it does have an effect on youngsters today because it shows relationships, dating issues and the problems we go through in real life.

Youngsters, to a large extent, tend to identify themselves with the on screen characters and relate to their experiences with the characters in the American shows,” says Maria Loveena of St Joseph’s College.

On the other hand, some youngsters feel the influence is more related to fashion trends than lifestyle trends. “‘Gossip Girl’ influences girls to change their sense of fashion to a large extent. It is every girl’s dream to own the designer clothes and brands shown on the show.

However, culture wise it does not have an impact on me,” says Ashwathy Mohandas of AMC College. Others agree. “The way of life does not have much of an impact but the dressing sense and trends are something most girls like to follow,” says Letitia Nathaniel of St Joseph’s College.