You are what you wear

You are what you wear


While some people seem to be obsessed with the brands, literally wearing it from head to toe, others prefer picking up stuff from small shop or street corners. While some pay Rs 3000 and get their choice of brands, others pay Rs 300 and get almost the same sans the tag.

Of course, the quality differs, but are Bangaloreans ready to shell out ten times the amount just to get the brand tag? Metrolife asked Bangaloreans what their wardrobe consists of and how brand conscious they really are.

Most youngsters said they would wear anything that looked good on them and that they were not that brand conscious.

“I am not at all brand conscious, I go with anything that looks good,” says Yash Jain, a student from Jain College. “But there is no denying that brands give you quality. I feel they are really overpriced, but sometimes it helps to buy good stuff for it ensures long life of the product. If it’s a branded jacket or sun glasses, it’s worth the money,” he adds.

Rohini Devarajan also from the same college agrees, “I like shopping at Commercial Street, it’s reasonably priced and is good enough for everyday wear. It’s not like I don’t buy branded stuff, I won’t mind spending a good money on party wear and formal wear.”

While some think it’s a sheer waste of money, others think it’s completely worth it. Shivali Chengappa, a student of Mount Carmel College says that she is very particular about what she picks up, “The quality of branded stuff is good and long-lasting. It’s branded over street shopping for me, even if it’s for daily wear. Though they charge an exorbitant price, I feel it’s worth it.”

MC Prateek Thakker shares, “If I like something I pick it up irrespective of the cost. It may be Rs 50, Rs 500 or Rs 5,000. My wardrobe is a mix of everything. I see no point in going only for branded tags, if it looks good and feels comfortable, then branded or not, it doesn’t matter.”

Kirtana Devatha feels that branded clothes are not meant for her. “I like variety, I have never been particular about brands. I get bored of seeing the same thing in my wardrobe day after day so I end up shopping very regularly, that is why branded clothes are not really for me.”

She goes ahead and confesses, “Honestly, I am very careless with my clothes, and branded stuff costs a lot. I go in for brands only when I am buying shoes, watches or