'Sound and light' makes a rousing start

'Sound and light' makes a rousing start

Long pending programme finally kicks off; brings alive architectural wonder

nothing controversial: The famous Ambavilas Palace in myriad of colours leaves a magnificent impression during ‘Sound and Light’ show , in Mysore on Friday. DH Photos

The Mysore Palace Board on Friday made a beginning, presenting the ambitious programme in Kannada language, to a decent crowd of 333 people including 66 kids, majority of them tourists, leaving them completely dumbfounded at the end of it, gasping awe and appreciation for adding yet another tourist attraction.

No sooner the lights go off, the imposing building in dark provides an ample setting for the stage- to unveil the rich past- a mix of good and evil. Equally attractive buildings in the vicinity also have a role to play, besides temples and trees.  
To begin with, the audience get a brief introduction of- Mysore’s origin. A demon by the name ‘Mahishasura’, and his beefy look that had created enough fear among the people.

The ‘wish’ he succeeds in obtaining from the lord Shiva to remain eternal. Next comes, Parvathi, the goddess who in her avatar as ‘Chamundeshwari’ triumphs over the evil, killing Mahishasura freeing people from his tyranny.

When it comes to Wadiyars, the founders of the dynasty-Yaduraya and Devaraya have been paid a rich tribute. The brother duo’s gallantry in putting an end to Karugahalli’s
Palegara Marappa Nayaka thus rescuing Hadinaadu, and winning the trust of the queen of the land. Yaduraya also wins the hands of the princess.

Thus began the Wadiyar dynasty that ruled for centuries together, leaving behind indelible marks in the erstwhile history of Mysore. Though the dynasty was ruled by 25 kings, it’s only a few of them who still find a mention in the annals of the past. Raja Wadiyar, who resumed Dasara reminding one of the pomp and vigour of Vijayanagar empire, who actually launched Dasara is among them.

Kanteerava Narasaraja Wadiyar, the wrestler king, who proved his might defeating a wrestler of Tiruchinapalli, Doddadevaraja Wadiyar, during whose reign Chamundi Hills was connected by 1,000 steps, and also consecration of Nandi statue, Chikkadevaraja Wadiyar, who was conferred ‘Raja Jagadeva Mohammed Shahi’ title by none other than Mughul emperor Aurangazeb, Immadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar who was kept under house arrest by his minister, Mummadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar who opened Raja’s Free School (now Maharaja’s Junior College), Chamaraja Wadiyar X, who laid the foundation for democracy establishing People Representative’s Council among several other welfare programmes.

Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV, popular as ‘Nalvadi’ has got his due, with several people-friendly programmes launched by the king narrated with impressive background score. From KRS reservoir to Bhadravathi Steel and Iron Factory, University of Mysore to Kannada Sahitya Parishat, Akashvani to Elder’s Education.

Hyder Ali and Tipu play a ‘cameo’ here, disappearing in no time. The script in original had reserved most of the time highlighting Hyder and Tipu and many others, unacceptable to royal scion Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar. A brief account of Dasara, is the new addition.

Not to forget, Jayachamaraja Wadiyar- the 25th and last ruler of Mysore makes a last appearance, only to say he held reins from 1940 till India became republic.
With ample use of myriad hues of lights, the architectural wonder tells the story painting different pictures in sync with the sound. When all the ‘Sound and light’ comes to an end, the palace returns to its original splendour-its illuminated sight, that has legions of fans across the world.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday- 7.30 pm
Duration: 45 mins
Adults- ` 40, kids- ` 25