Former IMF chief made advances on three other women: report

Former IMF chief made advances on three other women: report

Moments before he was taken off a France-bound flight last week, Strauss-Kahn reportedly told the flight attendant, "what a nice a**" or in French, "Quel beau cul!", The New York Post reported.

The paper said that Strauss-Kahn first tried to hit on the receptionist, who escorted him to his room at the Sofitel hotel where he was staying in a USD 3000 a night room.
Strauss-Kahn, who was once viewed as a possible contender for the 2012 elections in France, reportedly asked her to join him for champagne after she finished her shift.
The receptionist refused and described the invitation as "inappropriate" to the police.
The next day, Strauss-Kahn reportedly hit on another receptionist, who had checked him into the hotel, the previous day. He also asked her to join him for champagne but she too refused, according to The Post.

Strauss-Kahn left Rikers Island prison on Friday, after coughing up USD 6 million in bail. He  has been put under house arrest and he has to wear an electronic monitoring device.
The former IMF chief, who was indicted on seven counts on Thursday, allegedly forced the 32-year-old maid at the Sofitel hotel in Manhattan to perform sex.

He was taken into custody a few minutes before his Air France flight departed for Paris, on late Saturday afternoon.

Strauss-Kahn denies wrongdoing and is expected to plead not guilty. He has also shelled out 200,000 for armed guards