They mocked cremation for new life

They mocked cremation for new life

“The day’s wage used to go to the liquor shop. There was no peace at home. We could not even pay attention for the needs and well-being of our children.” — This is what most of the men who came to the de-addiction camp at Hosapatna near Kushalnagar organised by Sri Kshethra Dharmasthala Rural Development Programme had to say.

The wives of the alcoholics who would otherwise cry, brood and curse their fate were seen smiling as their husbands had quit drinking. They sat with their husbands and shared the food served to them, with their husbands, on the same plate.

During the valediction of the camp, a mock cremation was staged. During the mock show, a
person who was addicted to alcohol was shown ending up on the funeral pyre. An oath was also administered to the villagers, that they would never consume alcohol.

The three-day camp had seminars, group discussions and various activities related alcoholism.

BJP leader G L Nagaraj said that the de-addiction camp of the SKDRDP is a model for the entire nation. Camp Co-ordinator Bhaskar said that the de-addiction programme has had huge impact on the society and more and more people are now showing their inclination to give up drinking. The camp at Hosapatna is the 412th camp of the SKDRDP.