Snippets: Glamourous roles require acting too, says Deepika

Snippets: Glamourous roles require acting too, says Deepika

Snippets: Glamourous roles require acting too, says Deepika

"It's a misconception that glamourous roles don't involve the actor to act. This is not true because in the West you have Julia Roberts doing really glamorous roles and you still notice her performance and notice how great she looks," Deepika told reporters here.
The 25-year-old actress will next be seen in Prakash Jha’s film "Aarakshan", based on caste-based reservations.

Mukul Deora supervised 'Bheja Fry 2' music
Filmmaker Mukul Deora, who has been a musician and singer before, refrained from composing the music of his upcoming production venture "Bheja Fry 2", but did supervise the songs.

"I haven't contributed directly, but I helped and supervised. I have chosen some of the people who made the music and I have been part of the process of editing the songs, choosing the songs, fine-tuning them, etc," Deora told IANS.

"My music is much more alternative, you needed different kind of music for a film, something that suits it, that's why I didn't compose it myself," he added.
The music of "Bheja Fry 2" has been composed by Ishq Bector, Sneha Khanwalkar and Sagar Desai.

'Dhamaal' turning to be 'injurious' for Jaaved Jaaferi

Jaaved Jaaferi had a hard time shooting for "Dhamaal". He injured himself once during the shoot. He had a tougher time while shooting for the sequel because he got injured again - twice during the course of the film.

"I got hurt on the last day of shooting. What a way to wind up, we had 15 fantastic looking girls from around the world, and we were shooting for a dream sequence song.
"There was a part where I was jumping with these women on a bed, I had to do a summersault but the bed was not meant for a summersault. I went up but when I came down, my knee hit something and I ruptured my ligament and also have a slight fracture," Jaaved told IANS.

Even in the first part of the film, Jaaved had suffered an injury."In the first film, I tore my hamstring muscles and in 'Double Dhamaal' I had two injuries. One I ruptured my blood vessel in my thumb, when Ashish (Choudhury) accidently hit me. and the second is the ligament tear," said the actor.

It seems working in the film is becoming a risky affair for the actor!